Dear Visitor!

The Exhibition is always an interesting and exciting event.

·         What can a visit to the Exhibition give you?

·         How to make the event visit maximally effective?

·         How not to miss the most important things?

·         Is it possible to see everything at once?

·         How to be in the right time and right place?

It is important for us to make your visit maximally effective, memorable and easy.

That’s why we offer you to get acquainted with the information that will help you to plan your time maximally productive and get the maximum benefits from attending this event.

Exhibition Venue
Kazakhstan, Almaty, Atakent International Exhibition Centre, pavilions No. 11

Official Opening Ceremony
November 17, 11:00

Exhibiting Hours
November 17, 10:00-18:00
November 18, 10:00-18:00
November 19, 10:00-17:00
Registration is open daily from 10:00

Registration Rules
The registration is obligatory for visiting the exhibition! Herein there are several options for registration.

 If you have already registered online, go to the reception “Online registration” and say your name (please specify that you have already registered). After your registration confirming you will receive a visitor badge. It provides you with access to the exhibition hall.

Important! We recommend you to pre-register online to save your time.

If you are a member of Hosted Buyers Program, go to the reception “VIP” and say your name. After your registration confirming, you will be given a VIP-badge. Then you will receive a package for BUSINESS PROGRAM participant.

If you have not registered before, you will need to fill out a short registration form, or exchange your business card for the visitor badge.

This badge is issued for the exposition duration (4 days) and valid for all activities held in Exhibition.

How to make the event visit maximally effective?

The most effective visiting is a pre-planned one! On the exhibition site and in the exhibition hall on the booths for your convenience there will be:

  •     list of participants
  •         pavilion plan
  •    program of activities


What opportunities does the Exhibition visit give to you?

  • Making useful business links and contacts
  • Learning about the latest trends of global fashion market
  • Comparing the cooperation terms and pricing of different market participants within one segment
  • Identifying potential partners’ advantages over competitors
  • Learning about the latest innovations